| NEW RELEASE | Stereolynk – Zephyr EP

Stereolynk are a brilliant multi-dimensional Slovenian duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous dancefloor moments.

Comprised of Alex Nemec, head of well-known and respected record label Mirabillis and Nenad Putnik, a seasoned musician, the two have developed a dominating presence amongst the top of electronic dance music with brilliant releases on ICONYC Noir, Stripped, Mirabillis, and other well accomplished labels.

Their dance floor-oriented DJ sets have seen them playing in Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Austria and many other festivals. Never constrained by boundaries as they effortlessly transition between techno, house and everything in between, both artists have demonstrated an immaculate understanding of their audience’s wants and needs, as well as progressive electronic music as a whole.

Pangea is proud to present Steriolynk’s debut release, Zephyr, a track that very accurately defines the style and energy that the two strive to spread to the dancefloor masses.

On remix duty are Pangea resident artists Dark Pulse and Alejandro R, offering each their own interpretation of the Zephyr.


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