New Release – Nila & Triggs – Snakes & Ladders EP

New Release - Nila & Triggs - Snakes & Ladders EP

| NEW RELEASE | Nila & Triggs – Snakes & Ladders EP

NILA is a Scottish DJ and producer whose passion for dance music started way back in 1992 in his hometown of Edinburgh. After hearing the likes of Dave Angel, Sasha, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, NILA’s passion for dance music quickly formed into an obsession, and then into a way of life.

Spending nights DJ’ing at numerous house parties to hone his craft, NILA secured his first club spot as a main act at the tender age of 16. NILA then went on to play all the best clubs around Scotland to critical acclaim, highlighting his career by being invited to create several guest mixes for ‘Beat 106’, Scotland’s premiere dance radio station. Since then, NILA has been invited to play as a guest on many radio stations including: Frisky Radio, Circle – Ibiza Radio 1, Groundworx Session FM (UK), George FM, DNA Radio FM, Innervisions Radio and Late Night Grooves Radio. NILA has also released his own music on a number of well-respected underground labels such as Pro-B Tech Records, ICONYC, Keep Thinking, Hydrogen, Plethora Muzik, Wulfpack, Deep And Under, Unrivalled Music and For The Record to name just a few.

For this release, NILA teams up with his production partner Triggs (NZ) aka Andrew Treagust. Triggs (NZ) is a music writer, producer & DJ with over 20 years’ experience being in and around the electronic music scene. As part of the widely acclaimed ‘Southern Cross’ production team, Triggs (NZ) has released music on Evolution’s seminal Fluid Recordings, State of the Eye, Sony, Columbia, Stripped, Krafted, Hype Muzik, Segment, Disco Electronica, and has also remixed Karyn Park, Jomanda, Ryan Luciano and Seb Dhajje amongst many others. Given their knowledge of the scene, years of experience and love for progressive music, as well as a solid release on the well-respected Stripped Recordinsgs, NILA and Triggs (NZ) seem destined to leave a mark on the scene as things begin to reopen.

Here, both NILA and Triggs (NZ) produce the Snakes and Ladders EP, a package with an inviting progressive feel and energy. ‘Reality Conflict’ is a monstrous break beat with a huge main melody and up-tempo drum work and that is versatile and well suited for either a breaks or progressive dance floor. ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is a more traditional four to the floor beat, whose catchy bass line and attractive melody is sure to set the dance floor ablaze with positivity once played.

On remix duty, Both Scippo and WILSON deliver outstanding renditions of both tracks. Scippo’s ‘housey’ remix of ‘Reality Conflict’ can well be heard on sandy beaches from California to Ibiza, while WILSØN aka the legendary Michael Wilson turns ‘Snakes and Ladders’ out into something only he can muster.

release date June 10th, 2021
label Pangea Recordings, Inc.
catalog no PANG088

New Release – Ri Za – ‘Cloud One / Pustula Pedals’ EP

New Release - Ri Za - 'Cloud One / Pustula Pedals' EP

| NEW RELEASE | Ri Za – ‘Cloud One / Pustula Pedals’ EP

Inc. Sapiens, GSEP, and Zed White Remixes.

Release – June 10th, 2021

Catalog – PANG101

In 2013, Ri Za aka Richard Zagiba started his journey as a progressive house producer by releasing a consistent stream of quality music and productions. Inspired by acts like the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, Ri Za has managed to forge a unique musical style which is a mixture of dark and deep progressive, with splashes of tech-house, deep house and melodic techno.

It is apparent when listening to his music that no matter what project or remix he is working on, Ri Za will find a way to infect the music with positive energy to uplift the listener and offer a memorable dance floor experience.

Of course, word of quality music travels fast in the scene, and before long, Ri Za had signed music to top international record labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Alola, Reworck, LOOQ, System Recordings, Stellar Fountain, Sexonwax, Stripped, as well as a long list of smaller labels that are also well known in the scene.

Pangea has sought to release a full original EP for some time with Richard, and the right opportunity arose when Richard sent ‘Cloud One’ and ‘Pustula Petals’ to the label, which was signed immediately upon first listen.

The vibe and energy of both tracks standout and are what Ri Za’s music is all about: positive dance floor energy!

Pangea is proud to release this EP with Ri Za, along with very tasty remixes from Sapiens, GSEP, and Zed White. Each offer their own unique rendition, and Sapiens was so inspired, he offered a rendition of both songs.