DARIUS – Dark Pulse

Dark Pulse has continued to provide stellar tracks to our label, and we are proud to release ‘Darius’ on the label as it stands out so much from many tracks today.

Although all of his tracks tend to be unique, there is always a common thread of rhythm and complex structures that make Dark Pulse’s sound just a bit different from the rest. No exception here, and for ‘Darius’, Dark Pulse’s use of children vocals, lush pads, and a catchy overall groove make it a very addictive Melodic track to listen to days on end. Simply, this is an emotional track.

We love Dark Pulse because he has that ability to take a track and make it a song with a story, which is very rare in club land these days.

On remix duty, scene heavyweight and progressive stalwart Tim French turns in a vibrant and energetic break beat rendition, while Kenshi Kamaro goes the other way on the break with a more brooding and deep venture.

Hansgod keeps it mysterious with his signature progressive deep four to the floor sound.




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