New Release – Ri Za – ‘Cloud One / Pustula Pedals’ EP

New Release - Ri Za - 'Cloud One / Pustula Pedals' EP

| NEW RELEASE | Ri Za – ‘Cloud One / Pustula Pedals’ EP

Inc. Sapiens, GSEP, and Zed White Remixes.

Release – June 10th, 2021

Catalog – PANG101

In 2013, Ri Za aka Richard Zagiba started his journey as a progressive house producer by releasing a consistent stream of quality music and productions. Inspired by acts like the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, Ri Za has managed to forge a unique musical style which is a mixture of dark and deep progressive, with splashes of tech-house, deep house and melodic techno.

It is apparent when listening to his music that no matter what project or remix he is working on, Ri Za will find a way to infect the music with positive energy to uplift the listener and offer a memorable dance floor experience.

Of course, word of quality music travels fast in the scene, and before long, Ri Za had signed music to top international record labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Alola, Reworck, LOOQ, System Recordings, Stellar Fountain, Sexonwax, Stripped, as well as a long list of smaller labels that are also well known in the scene.

Pangea has sought to release a full original EP for some time with Richard, and the right opportunity arose when Richard sent ‘Cloud One’ and ‘Pustula Petals’ to the label, which was signed immediately upon first listen.

The vibe and energy of both tracks standout and are what Ri Za’s music is all about: positive dance floor energy!

Pangea is proud to release this EP with Ri Za, along with very tasty remixes from Sapiens, GSEP, and Zed White. Each offer their own unique rendition, and Sapiens was so inspired, he offered a rendition of both songs.



New Release – Stereolynk – Zephyr EP 

New Release - Stereolynk - Zephyr EP 

| NEW RELEASE | Stereolynk – Zephyr EP

Stereolynk are a brilliant multi-dimensional Slovenian duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous dancefloor moments.

Comprised of Alex Nemec, head of well-known and respected record label Mirabillis and Nenad Putnik, a seasoned musician, the two have developed a dominating presence amongst the top of electronic dance music with brilliant releases on ICONYC Noir, Stripped, Mirabillis, and other well accomplished labels.

Their dance floor-oriented DJ sets have seen them playing in Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Austria and many other festivals. Never constrained by boundaries as they effortlessly transition between techno, house and everything in between, both artists have demonstrated an immaculate understanding of their audience’s wants and needs, as well as progressive electronic music as a whole.

Pangea is proud to present Steriolynk’s debut release, Zephyr, a track that very accurately defines the style and energy that the two strive to spread to the dancefloor masses.

On remix duty are Pangea resident artists Dark Pulse and Alejandro R, offering each their own interpretation of the Zephyr.


New Release – Ranj Kaler – Life Begins

New Release - Ranj Kaler - Life Begins

| NEW RELEASE | Ranj Kaler – Life Begins

In a relatively short period of time, Ranj Kaler has gone from DJ to producer in a most impressive way.

When Ranj first submitted demos to us, we found that his productions where already well polished and had a depth and quality to them that is rare amongst the sea of producers today.

Perhaps being the cultivator and founder of London Music Radio in the UK has allowed Ranj to develop and impressive arsenal of musical skills that he is finally wanting to show the world.

The timing is perfect, as Ranj’s sound is very uplifting and positive, yet funky enough to engage and fill a dance floor with even the most sophisticated ears. Putting together some Progressive House, and Melodic House sounds.

Priding ourselves on being finders of new and fresh talent, we signed his tracks right away and are proud to offer them as the world begins to reopen its doors after a long pandemic.

Life Begins!


New Release – Robert Bell – The Mix Up / Dark Tone

New Release - Robert Bell - The Mix Up / Dark Tone

| NEW RELEASE | Robert Bell – “The Mix Up / Dark Tone” + Remixes

Although Robert Bell is still making his mark on our Pangea label, we don’t think Robert intends to ever stop pushing his style forward.

Robert will be the first to tell you that his style is varied and that he doesn’t really like to categorize his sounds or music. Robert’s motto is “if I like it, I’ll play it or write it.”

Robert’s main musical focus is that you enjoy the sounds and landscapes created, capturing the mood and thought process in any given moment, allowing him to produce melodic and emotional music for his fans to enjoy.

These two original pieces from Robert display his diversity very well, as “The Mix Up” can be described a progressive stormer, while “Dark Tone” was created for the darker and more broodish dance floors.

We are pleased to welcome Robert Bell for his first full release on Pangea, along with remixes from Pangea resident artists AUDIOGLIDER, GSEP, and Hall North. Each provides their unique interpretation of their chosen original to provide a well-balanced and noteworthy package.

Please enjoy!

pangea-recordings-Robert Bell-The-Mix-Up-Dark-Tone