Promo: GSEP, Riki Sawyer ft. Summer Moreland - Hold Your Breath


For much of this year, humanity has been the victim of a worldwide pandemic. The effect of multiple lockdowns and continued unsurety on the human psyche has been very clear, but the silver lining is that it has allowed us to reflect on what we have lost, what we love, and what we want to do with our future.

It has been a time where many of us have learned to appreciate the time that we have left on the planet, and to reaffirm the position that Music plays in our lives as one of the biggest influences and escapes that we have. Music is truly a treasure.

The fact is that the world turned to music this year to keep their hopes up and their dreams alive. Many demos along this line came our way, but we were really impressed when we received ‘Hold Your Breath’ from Rikki Sawyer and John Martin (GSEP), along with an infectious vocal with a message from Summer Moreland.

These artists had a quality message for humanity, so we decided to sign and package it to you so you could hear it yourself. We also committed quality artists like Whoriskey and Last 2 Standing to remix it, who turned in their very positive interpretations, so that it may appeal to DJs and club goers alike.

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    Music Promos July 27, 2021